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Tel  +86-13715323095     Email    skype  owenly2
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  • FCU thermostat &Valve 
    Floor heating thermostat &valve 
    Temperature sensors 
    Air conditioner control module 
    About us
    Our factory
    Mid-Autumn Festival
    To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival ,All staffs in Shenzhen Bandary held a great party ,together .
    The Lantern Festival mountaineering
    In order to further promote the national fitness movement,and to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture,Shenzhen Bandary organized the staff to climb on the Lantern Festival.
    The annual sales meeting of 2017
    Bandary held a annual sales meeting on 11th ,Feb 2017,and given rewards to thoes sales who had a great job performance and hard working .
    Guangxi tourism
    June-9th-2016, All staff of Bandary with GM Mr.Li, had a long journey to GuangXI province.
    Touch screen thermostat FC261
    FC261series are touch screen thermostat ,it has luxurious appearance with large LCD display screen,
    simple and easy to read installation menu on LCD ,provides interactive interface when user sets up
    programs or operates, they are designed to on/off control the fan, valves ,dampers in the fan coils ,air
    conditioners applications. Models are available for heating/cooling/ventilating control of 2-pipe or 4-
    pipe fan coil units.It has 1-way RS485 interface to conntect building automatic control system..Widely used in high-grade office building,venues、residential buildings, 5stars hotels and so on.
    Celebrated New Year
    Shenzhen Bandary CO,.LTD held a party in Tianxin Farm Hotel on Dec. 12th 2017 for celebrating 2017 New Year.All staff attended and enjoyed this happy time.
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